Safety Videos


Safety Videos (Available to Borrow)
Some are now available in DVD *
Safety videos are an excellent resource for Safety Committee meetings!

Another resource for videos: DuPont Sustainable Solutions

NewTitleLength#of Copies AvailableBooklet or Training Materials Included?
DVDSafety Orientation for Schools18 min.4Booklet
DVDBack Injury Protection Lifting Safety10 min.5Booklet
NEW DVDHazard Communication Right to Know14 min.1Booklet
DVDSchool Bus Drivers Positively in Control12 min.4Booklet
DVDMRSA Awareness19 min.1Booklet
DVDMSDS Read Before You Need It17 min.1Booklet
Kitchen Safety13 min.1No
DVDNeedlestick Prevention16 min.1Booklet
DVDViolence Prevention on School Buses20 min.4Booklet
DVDFoodborne Illness Prevention14 min.1Booklet
Safety Housekeeping & Accident prevention13 min.1Training Materials
Workplace Stress12 min.1Training Materials
DVDMold Awareness12 min.1Booklet
DVDSpecial Ed. Save Your Back16 min.4Training Materials
DVDElectrical Safety15 min.1Booklet
DVDBloodborne Pathogens for Schools20 min.5Booklet
DVDBloodborne Pathogens for Custodians15 min.2Booklet
Winter Safety5 min.2Booklet
DVDBack Safety5 min.2Booklet
DVDSlips, Trips, & Falls5 min.5Booklet
Driving in Rainy Weather5 min.2Booklet
Driving on the Job5 min.2Booklet
Fire Prevention5 min.2Booklet
DVDFirst Aid for Schools19 min.2Booklet
DVDLab Safety for Schools17 min.2Booklet
DVDGroundskeeping Safety17 min.2Booklet
Infection Control for Schools20 min.1Booklets
DVDUnderstanding the NEW ADA11 min.1Booklets

If you are interested in borrowing one of these videos, please contact us via email or telephone 800-445-6965 ex. 2123.