Safety Policy


The personal safety and health of each employee of all SDIC members is of primary importance. Assistance to members in their quest for the prevention of occupational induced injuries and illnesses will be given precedence whenever necessary. To the greatest degree possible, the administration and staff of the SDIC will assist representatives of its members in their endeavor to take measures necessary and practical to prevent occupational accidents and illnesses as they provide for personal safety and health of their employees.

With that objective in mind, the SDIC has developed a comprehensive Workplace Safety Manual designed to outline the responsibilities of the SDIC administration and of the individual members. This manual will serve as a blueprint of action and activities that optimally will achieve the goal.

The SDIC pledges to provide necessary assistance to its members and to make available resources that will be required by members to comply with elements of the Workplace Safety Manual. The SDIC Accident and Illness Prevention Program Coordinator, appointed by the SDIC Board of Directors, will have the responsibility of communications with all members and for expediting essential services and resources as requested of members in their pursuit of implementation of their Accident and Illness Prevention Programs.

Accident and Illness Prevention Program

Safety and Health Code of Ethics

The School Districts Insurance Consortium and its member organizations are committed to Safety and Health excellence by achieving an injury free workplace.

We hold safety and health as our highest core value

Executive management will lead the safety improvement process

Safety is a shared responsibility of everyone in our organization

Safety performance is a key indicator of organizational excellence and will be incorporated into our business processes

We will communicate safety performance openly with employees, investors, and the public

All employees will be given the knowledge and skills necessary to safely perform their jobs

We will extend our safety efforts beyond the workplace to include transportation, homes, and our communities

We will continually strive to improve our safety and health processes