Claim Handling Instructions for the New Workers’ Compensation Coordinator

  • Upon notice of an injury of any employee, make sure they have a claim-reporting packet. This will provide all the necessary information and documentation for the claim reporting to begin.
  • Some employees may only require a school nurse to place a band aide on a scratch, while others will require emergency care, orthopedic care etc. The Panel of Physicians for YOUR School District is available for every employee in posted areas but should also be given to the injured party at the time of injury to remind them of the PANEL of Physicians.
  • Place a copy of your PANEL of Physicians in the claim-reporting packet for the employee to have easy access to this information.
  • All injured workers must treat with one of the providers on the list for 90 days. They may elect to change within the panel, this is fine. They may be referred to a sub-specialty outside of the panel. This is approved if the panel doctor is making the referral.
  • The employee calls SDIC at the toll free number, we take all the pertinent information for the claim and complete the State form, the Employers Report of Occupational Injury. We submit a faxed copy to you for your records. The employee also receives a claim number when reporting their claim.
  • The employee has the prescription information. They may go to their local pharmacy to fill their prescription. All they need is the “first fill” sheet enclosed in the claim-reporting packet. No Cost to the employee.
  • Should lost time commence, you will hear from the SDIC claim adjuster or claim associate to secure additional information.
  • SDIC will also be in contact with the school district coordinator in instances where there are questions about how the claim occurred, witnesses, wage information, disability information and the names of supervisors when appropriate.
  • SDIC will call upon the school district coordinator to secure return to work information, such as return to work in a transitional or light duty manner until the injured worker can physically complete the full duty job.
  • SDIC is available to the coordinator for any reason with regard to claims; claim reporting, safety issues, physician and hospital data as it relates to claims.