School Districts Service Corporation (SDSC)


The School Districts Service Corporation (SDSC) is formed for the purpose of promoting the efficient administration of its members, which shall be school districts, intermediate units, and public vocational-technical schools located in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

In so doing, SDSC shall formulate, develop, and administer programs on behalf of its members that take advantage of savings and improved administration achieved through the joint purchasing of goods and services and the pooled operation of services for members.

In accomplishing its purposes, SDSC shall engage in activities that may include but shall not be limited to casualty risk sharing, information sharing, the administration of group insurance programs, sponsoring training programs, the establishment of group purchasing programs and providing facilities, staff, equipment, legal assistance and billing and premium collection services related to such programs.

In carrying out such purposes, SDSC shall be authorized to engage in all purposes permitted under the Pennsylvania Nonprofit Corporation Law of 1988, which shall include, but shall not be limited to, the ownership of real estate for the purpose of providing facilities to operate its programs.

No part of SDSC’s income shall be distributed to any party other than a member, and no income of the Association shall accrue to any private person or entity. At a dissolution of SDSC, after payment of the liabilities of SDSC, the remaining assets of SDSC shall be distributed to its members.

View the SDSC Bylaws.


SDSC Board of Directors


Steve SkrockiNorth Penn SDChairperson
Joe LubitskyChester County Intermediate UnitSecretary
Christopher BerdnikPennsbury SDTreasurer

Board Members

Maureen OakleyPottstown SD
Karen OvingtonJenkintown SD
Karen SandoneBuck County Intermediate Unit
Jennifer WilliamsAbington SD

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