SDIC Tips for Loss Prevention / Lawsuit Prevention

  • Remember, the injured worker is your employee. Act and react in a concerned manner. Call the worker. Check in to see how they are doing. They deserve your personal contact. This goes a LONG way to good employee relations. They feel important, one of your assets!
  • Be fair and reasonable. Truly deserving injured workers should be treated with respect, dignity and our helping support to get them back to work.
  • Communication is critical! Do not allow communication breakdown to occur. These are your employees!
  • Human Resources issues should be handled as the issues arise. Do not allow your HR nightmare to become your cost-driven claim.
  • Provide a safe and healthy work environment. Wholly support effective safety programs and all committee recommendations for improvement. Allow safety to become part of everyday thoughts and deeds.
  • Educate your supervisors and employees on their rights and duties as well as their “responsibilities”.
  • Make reasonable accommodations for transitional duty until the employee can return to the pre-injury position.

Transition to Work = RTW (Return to Work) = Reducing Claim Costs and Eliminating Litigation

Saves lives. Saves money.

Save the lawyering for the big stuff!