SDIC takes great pride in the service we provide to our school districts. Our knowledgeable claims staff stays on the cutting edge of claims investigation and management of the claim to provide you with the effective results. We are aggressive in our pursuit of information critical to future claims handling and we utilize experts in the field of occupation injury to assist in managing claims. These professionals assist us in securing return to work solutions, litigating the difficult claim and overseeing the medical components of the work-related injury.

SDIC will assist any truly deserving injured worker with the goal of return to work in a productive and safe manner.

Claims Management

This section provides a brief description of the tools and practices of SDIC claims management as well as tips and suggestions to save money and time.

Claims Reporting

This section details the reporting process including the steps the employer and employee will take to report the claim and secure medical care. The necessary documents for claim reporting are contained in this section.

Please note that all claimants must continue to report their claims on the Toll Free Line at 800-445-6965.

Panel Providers

This section addresses the significant questions and answers for school district personnel responsible for the workers’ compensation claim regarding the appropriate use of the Panel Providers.

Claims Resources

This section will allow you direct access to website links to assist you in the areas of the Workers’ Compensation Act and corresponding legal issues as well as safety and loss control.